Young Driver

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Young Driver Insurance? No headaches here!

Young Driver Insurance doesn't have to be complex. Thanks to Marmalade, Kingdom Insurance has the right plan for you! Before or after your test, Marmalade insurance is the best fit. ​

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Mum or Dad's car? Sorted!

Flexible is the magic word! With Marmalade, whether it's a parent's or friend's car, your cover is simple. Get insured for when you need it. Avoid standard policies that charge exorbitant amounts when you only use the car every so often. ​

Student driver

Student weekend away? We're on it!

Got a fun getaway planned? Don't break the bank, get in touch and we'll arrange the right short term cover for you? With a Marmalade policy, you'll get flexible cover that's only available for Students who have passed their test. How's that for exclusive? ​

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Heard of Pay As You Go Insurance?

It's new, it's hot, it's Marmalade! Pay as you go insurance has never been featured with Kingdom Insurance. So we're making noise about it! It's Insurance by the mile and it just might be suitable for you. At Kingdom Insurance we're all about promoting young driver's freedom, not complex restrictions and expensive policies!​

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